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Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

The government needs products, manufacturers need help selling to the government.

Patriot Solutions connects government buyers with highly qualified manufacturers.

Patriot Solutions' supply chain management program integrates multiple functions into efficient processes. Components include customer service, demand management, order fulfillment, supplier relations, product development and industry trends, and quality management. We are ISO 9001:2015 compliant, hazmat certified, and we developed an in-house, proprietary order tracking system to give transparency regarding status.

For Government

This means reduced risk and increased access to small manufacturers.

  • We maintain redundant supply chains for each product which is no brand-specified.
  • We scrutinize each potential supplier, evaluating with an eye for potential risk factors.
  • We analyze agency buying patterns for predictive guidance on historical demand.
  • We are hazmat certified, allowing us to handle your hazardous material orders.

For Suppliers

Patriot Solutions creates a channel for efficient Government sales. We communicate frequently and concisely. We have highly effective, documented workflows for order fulfillment, which leads to predictability and consistency for our supply chain. Importantly, we pay promptly and act respectfully.

For each supplier, we maintain a file with a checklist of important and required information. Categories of information maintained include:

  • General and demographic information
  • Product specification and customization capabilities
  • Warranty information
  • Delivery and packaging capabilities
  • Order fulfillment processing information
  • Pricing and terms
  • Insurance and disclosure information
  • Research and development capabilities
  • Capacity and overall capabilities
  • Customer service; quality assurance
  • Workforce and management information, including veteran hiring statistics
  • Community involvement
  • Environment and fairness

Patriot Solutions