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Our Process

Our Process

Systems matter for consistency and quality

Patriot Solutions has highly sophisticated, repeatedly tested process critical workflows, supported by thorough Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Critical workflows include supply chain qualification and retention; order fulfillment; capture and proposal management; contract retention and compliance.

Importantly, we integrated multiple, parallel functions into efficient processes. Components include customer service, demand management, order fulfillment, supplier relations, product development and industry trends, and quality management.

Customer Service

The order fulfillment process begins and ends with customer service. The order is confirmed after all compliance checks are met. The order completes when the end user is satisfied with the quality and delivery and the contracting officer is satisfied with an accurate and timely invoice.

Demand Management

For multiple year contracts, Patriot Solutions proactively communicates with end users regarding upcoming changes in demand. This simple, common sense task is immensely appreciated by end users, who frequently feel a general lack of communication exists from their suppliers. A deeper understanding of agencies' anticipated forecast allows us to work with our supply chain on raw material availability, adequate scheduling and lead time. This reduces delivery delays and allows us to respond nimbly to urgent delivery requests.

Supplier Relations

Respectful relationships with suppliers lead to effective supply chain management. Another simple, common sense step we follow is treating every relationship - customer and supplier - as valuable. We establish a strong foundation for success by vetting suppliers extremely well. We ensure they mirror our values of exceeding customer expectations. Then, we communicate specifically and consistently to give them ample information regarding expectations and requirements. We respond to their questions quickly and professionally. Most importantly, we pay them promptly.

We treat our small business suppliers respectfully. As a result, they value our business and they prioritize our purchase orders.

Patriot Solutions maintains redundant supply chains for all specified products. When coupled with adequate information about upcoming demand, redundant supply chains support demand management and ensure our customer is not left without product. Operationalized, maintaining redundant supply chains requires us to communicate with all suppliers transparently. We are candid with alternate suppliers about our intended loyalty to the primary supplier.

Product development and industry trends

Product development requires deep industry knowledge and open-minded listening to end users regarding product usage and issues. Patriot Solutions listens to the customer needs - not just the solicitation specifications, but true customer needs - and combines them with the manufacturing best practices for that product.

This step integrates customer service, demand management and supplier relationships. We listen to customer feedback and customer demand, we understand the manufacturing opportunities and challenges, and we meld these together to recommend products that may work more effectively and potentially save time and/or labor costs. This incorporates selection of raw materials and alternate manufacturing methods.

Process Workflow

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