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CoPro+ Contract for Educational Furniture

CoPro+ Contract for Educational Furniture

Creative learning is a necessity in today's classrooms.

Cost, compliance, and investment make designing and procuring learning environments challenging. That’s where our CoPro+ contract comes into play.

Through Wayne RESA, Patriot Solutions won a CoPro+ contract. The solicitation was competitively bid and awarded using best practices. This means Michigan school districts can skip the RFP process and move right into the design phase. Our contract simplifies and expedites the buying process.

Patriot Solutions is a preferred MiEN dealer, with experts available to support classroom design, finish selection, and products.

Whether it’s for a single classroom or an entire school, our expert designers customize furniture to support academic goals and to adapt to evolving learning environments.

Each piece is durable and is made using eco-friendly, sustainable materials. MiEN's products rank high in meeting tough demands of the day-to-day use of active students. Professional installation and communicative project management results in a professional, positive experience for our customers. Interested in our products? View them below.

What can you expect from us?

  1. We work with your district to identify pieces which create your desired learning environment.
  2. Once pieces are selected, we create a 2D rendering of the furniture layout in your pace.
  3. After finishes have been selected, we generate a 3D color rendering of the furniture layout.
  4. An experienced project manager from our team will guide the selection and implementation. They will be on site to guide our installation team, ensuring timeliness and customer satisfaction.

Patriot Solutions creates custom learning environments that drive student success.

Contact Sue Tellier at for pricing and information.

MiEN Drawing Concept Turns into a 3D Design Which Turns into the Delivery of the Product
Rendering of Library with MiEN Furniture
Rendering of School with MiEN Furniture

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