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Statewide contract vehicles

Statewide Contract Vehicles

statewide contract vehicles

Purchasing consortiums credibly make public sector procurement more efficient. Contracts are competitively bid with broad specifications to meet a wide range of needs and are evaluated by experts. Multiple government agencies access the resulting contracts, allowing them to efficiently purchase from highly qualified contractors.

Patriot Solutions holds multiple non-federal contracts through purchasing consortiums, making a wide range of products available to state, local, hospital and educational agencies.

CoPro+ Contract for educational furniture

The Michigan Association of Counties (MAC) created CoPro+ in 2011. Revenue cuts affected the ability of member counties to efficiently provide public services. Their shared challenges were fewer staffers, less time and insufficient technology to handle public purchasing requirements. Shared challenges led to a shared eProcurement solution in CoPro+.

Contract Number: 2018-WR-425-P2

Contract Period: August 1, 2018 - July 31, 2023

Patriot Solutions